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Raleigh Chopper Mark 2 was in production from 1972 until 1982. Colours available were; Infra Red, Ultra Violet, Space Blue, Quicksilver, Fizzy Lemon, Black and Pink 5 speed.

The easy to spot differences from a Mk1 are, the Mk2 has a red T shifter, a square topped sissybar and bent seat stays at the rear dropouts. Also a rear chrome rack, shorter seat, white seat strap and fixed handlebars.
The Mk2 also came in Special Editons including the Pink 5 speed with derailleur gears, (1973-1976) and the Raleigh Chopper S.E Version in silver, with a black T shifter and 5 spoked mag wheels (1976-1977).
The Raleigh Chopper Sprint GT which was loosely based on a Mk2, but with racing handlebars and thinner wheels (1972-1973).
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